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Clint Rush Clothing Company designs and manufactures streetwear apparel. All collections are developed and manufactured in the USA. The clothing is designed with quality workmanship that is durable and built to last for years. The designs are eclectic and have an abstract appearance about each garment.

All About Us

Our collections provides these features:

  • Unique and abstract designs that has a timeless appeal. 

  • Non-toxic and high-quality fabric with non-allergens in the fabric coloring.

  • All product components (fabric and notions) are manufactured in North America.

  • Clean, high quality, and interactive website with up-to-date-status of available inventory.

We design, manufacture, and sell high-quality clothing that is durable. Our designs are obscure yet lasts through cycles of trends and have a timeless appeal. The fashion industry is very competitive, but we believe there is a position for us to create and maintain customer loyalty. We have plans to expand into other aspects of the fashion industry. We plan to create and sustain high-quality apparel for men, women, and children that is durable and outlast trends. 

Our Industry

Clint Rush Clothing company is part of the fashion industry and segmented into the niche area called streetwear (fashionable casual clothing). The streetwear industry is built upon exclusivity which is synonymous with luxury clothing. The difference is the established price points can be significantly lower than luxury items, but the premise is the same: getting access and limited availability. There is a term "the cool factor" to the clothing line which implies only people with a distinct flair for unusual/unique custom items will have access to an item that is released with a limited supply. The purpose is to drive interest and build a community of customers that have a Clint Rush product, but they are not amongst other customers that have the same exact item which can run the risk of over-saturation. 

Brief History of Clint Rush Clothing Co

This company has gone through several iterations before it arrived at Clint Rush Enterprises, LLC dba Clint Rush Clothing Company. I have over 30 years of experience designing clothes. I’ve had moderate success in business with clothing design and manufacturing.  My history starts with being born and raised in New York City and being exposed to the fashion industry and trends at an early age. My mother taught me how to sew clothes at the age of 17 and I’ve been making clothes since high school. It started with the idea of modifying denim jeans for friends, family, and even educators at the high school I attended. This led to custom clothing I made on a larger scale that required hiring manufacturers to mass produce clothing. I’ve taken courses at Fashion Institute of Technology on topics such as fashion principles, history, and tailoring techniques. Before businesses began to switch to ecommerce, I often go into fabric stores to touch and examine fabric options, select high quality buttons for shirts and coats, select the best color thread, build a network of suppliers, and keep a good reputation with them.



Maryland, USA


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