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Clint Rush Clothing Company is the creative powerhouse behind high-quality luxury streetwear apparel. We take pride in designing and crafting all our collections right here in the USA, ensuring excellence in every stitch. Our commitment to durability means our garments are built to withstand the test of time, and our designs, characterized by their eclectic and abstract aesthetics, bring a distinctive and timeless allure to each piece. Each piece in our collections exudes an eclectic allure, making a statement that transcends convention in every garment.

All About Us

Our luxury streetwear brand offerings encompass the following distinctive attributes:

  • Timelessly alluring, our collections boast unique and abstract designs that possess an enduring appeal.

  • Crafted from non-toxic, high-quality fabrics and utilizing non-allergenic fabric coloring, our pieces prioritize both fashion and safety.

  • Each component, from the fabrics to the notions, is proudly manufactured in North America, ensuring impeccable quality and ethical production.

  • Our website offers a pristine, high-quality user experience, complete with real-time inventory updates, creating an interactive platform for our discerning clientele.

Clint Rush Clothing Company specialize in the conception, production, and distribution of enduring, high-quality apparel.

Our distinct designs, while enigmatic, endure the ebb and flow of trends, boasting timeless appeal. In a fiercely competitive fashion landscape, we're committed to forging lasting customer relationships, and our vision extends beyond clothing to encompass a future expansion into diverse facets of the fashion industry. Our objective is to consistently craft and offer enduring, high-quality apparel for individuals of all ages, ensuring longevity that transcends passing fashion fads

Our Industry

Clint Rush Clothing stands at the intersection of the fashion industry, carving out its niche within the dynamic realm of streetwear, the epitome of fashionable casual attire. In the streetwear sphere, exclusivity reigns supreme, synonymous with luxury in the world of clothing. While our price points may distinguish us from traditional luxury brands, our essence remains the same: coveted access and limited availability, encapsulating what we refer to as 'the cool factor.' This concept underscores the uniqueness of each item we release, ensuring that only those with a discerning taste for the extraordinary can acquire products from our limited supplies. Our primary objective is to kindle curiosity, fostering a tight-knit community of Clint Rush enthusiasts, each owning a piece that's as rare as their individual style, thus steering clear of over-saturation.

Brief History of Clint Rush Clothing Co

Clint Rush Clothing Company emerged through a series of transformations, culminating in Clint Rush Enterprises, LLC, the force behind this high-quality luxury streetwear brand. With over three decades of experience in clothing design, my journey traces back to my upbringing in the vibrant fashion hub of New York City. My fashion odyssey took root at the age of 17 when my mother imparted the art of sewing, setting me on a path of creating clothes from my high school days. Starting with custom denim modifications for friends, family, and even educators, my passion evolved into large-scale custom clothing production, necessitating collaboration with manufacturers. Along the way, I enriched my knowledge through coursework at the Fashion Institute of Technology, delving into fashion principles, history, and tailoring techniques. Prior to the digital age, I roamed fabric stores, meticulously selecting premium fabrics, buttons, and threads while nurturing a network of trusted suppliers, all in pursuit of maintaining an unwavering reputation for quality and craftsmanship



Maryland, USA


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