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Acid Wash Jeans-An overplayed style that influenced streetwear.

In the early to late 80's acid wash jeans was a fad that was created by experimentation of surfers from the 1960's. There were many groups or individual that claimed the origin of the process, however, the focus is the influence acid wash had. It was a phenomenon that triggered a massive reaction to motivate designers to create their own version of the processed fabric.

Designers like Guess and Levi's capitalized on the opportunity to design and produce acid-washed garments. The concept has been over-saturated in the apparel industry and lost it's appeal and impact in the late 90's. There has been a resurgence of this process but it's scarce and may be worn for nostalgia instead of being fashion-forward. Clint Rush Clothing Company recognizes this concept and may re-introduce it in our collection.


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