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ASOLO boot....a step ahead!

Throughout the northeastern and mid-west region of the United States, the population was exposed to very cold winters. The winters had unpredictable snowstorms and icy conditions. Most people of the streetwear culture were already familiar with Timberland being a staple footwear for these regions, however, there was another footwear company that presented a cool factor-shortly before Timberland became an extremely popular brand name. The shoe company is ASOLO and it contributed to the streetwear movement.

The boot was founded by Italian designer Giancarlo Tanzi in 1975. The design of the boot was innovative because of the fusion of lightweight materials that were waterproof. The exposure of this boot company influencing the streetwear scene was due to mainstay outfitting stores such as Paragon in New York City which sold clothing for clientele involved in sports such as hiking, skiing, fitness, and swimming. Due to northeastern climates being extremely cold during the winter season the "cool kids" within the inner city had access to Asolo boots and then indirectly brought it back to the inner city neighborhoods. The rest is history...


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