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Business suits with sneakers: Another contribution to the streetwear movement.

In the fast-paced times of commuting to work in most metropolises, people dressed professional (i.e. business suits, dresses, etc.). However, during the period of transitioning from either a subway or city bus one would have to "pick up the pace" to get to their office on time. Wearing "hardbottom" dress shoes/heels can be a real inconvenience when darting up a flight stairs from the subway and sprinting a few blocks to their building. There was temporary relief with the bright idea to wear sneakers while commuting and then change into their work shoes once they arrived to work.

The idea of wearing sneakers with a business suit is based on creating comfort during a hectic commute. This trend was mostly done by women in order to avoid wearing heels and running the risk of a sprained ankle, toe-corns, and other foot pains while rushing to their destination during rush hour. Unbeknownst to commuters wearing this trend, it would transcend into it being a common item to wear with business attire; all day.

Clint Rush Clothing Company recognizes this minor "quick fix" as a contribution to the streetwear movement. We design apparel for customers that understand you can rock something appealing without sacrificing comfort.


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