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Being "preppie"- A Godfather of streetwear.

While growing up in New York City during the late 80's, there was a trend that was hip and had a subculture following. The look was called "preppie" which actually developed from fashion forward people that attended college. Due to movies like "Fasttimes in Richmond High" and television shows like "Family Ties" reinforced the look that became common within the 5 boroughs of New York City.

The look consisted of khaki pants, white or blue button up oxford shirt, blue or black blazer, and penny loafers. The look was very basic and didn't have complexity in it's presentation, but what made it exceptional was the people that wore it. It was the "cool kids" that made the look exceptional and unique. They stood out from the crowd by being daring to wear this type of ensemble. A lot of people from college kids, high school students, and "street" businessmen caught the wave and are still impacted by it to this day. Today's consumer may not dress similar to the image below but you still have brands like Lacoste, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, and the Gap that presents options to create the "preppie" look. Even though some of the consumers wearing this ensemble may have never stepped foot on a college campus they were influenced by the look.

Today's fashion trends have moved well beyond the preppy-look of the late 80's. However, we still have trends portraying the same impact but with different design of pants, shirts, jackets, and shirts: its called Streetwear. Clint Rush Clothing Co recognizes and embraces it's impact in the fashion industry because of it's unorthodox presentation of fabric, fit, and colorways. It's mainly worn by the younger generation but there are consumers in the age bracket of 45-55 that embrace this trend due it's roots being connected to the hip hop culture.

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