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Beyond the Ordinary



Clint Rush Clothing Company prides itself on meticulously designing and expertly manufacturing streetwear apparel that exudes sophistication. Embodying the essence of exclusivity, all our collections are proudly conceived and crafted in the USA, a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

From Subculture to Mainstream: The Rise of Streetwear

Focusing on the cultural impact of both styles, the blog entries below examines how streetwear and high fashion serve as powerful forms of self-expression and identity. It delves into the social, political, and economic factors that have shaped streetwear and high fashion. 


Step into a world where streetwear meets luxury, where history intertwines with innovation, and where the iconic Nike Cortez becomes a symbol of urban chic. Our luxury streetwear brand proudly pays homage to the legendary origins of the Nike Cortez, a shoe that broke boundaries and went beyond sports to become a cultural icon.

Acid Wash Jeans-An overplayed style that influenced streetwear.

In the early to late 80's acid wash jeans was a fad that was created by experimentation of surfers from the 1960's. There were many groups or individual that claimed the origin of the process, however, the focus is the influence acid wash had.

Acid Wash Blog.JPG

ASOLO boot....a step ahead!

Throughout the northeastern and mid-west region of the United States, the population was exposed to very cold winters. The winters had unpredictable snowstorms and icy conditions.

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